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Change Comes to Us All

Friends and fans of Mockingbird Books:

Mark and I would like to thank both the Sebastopol and Guerneville communities for their support over these past 5 years. It has been a wonderful experience and we've learned quite a bit. We've had an amazing time creating and shaping both locations. We'd like to think that we, and those who've helped, have built a lasting resource for used books in West County.

Alas, change comes to us all.

In the coming months Mark and I will need to relocate to the Central Valley to care for my elderly parents. We have entertained the thought of trying to manage both stores from a distance. After much thought though, this would be a daunting task and one we're not prepared to take on.

So we've decided to sell Mockingbird Books.

We have not arrived at this decision lightly. We've invested much time, treasure and effort into curating and building both locations into what they are. The stores are a true labor of love and it is difficult in the extreme to walk away from what we've made. Yet, selling is better than closing and we think most people will agree, family takes precedent.

Our goal is to find a new owner or owners for Mockingbird Books that will continue and build upon what we've created. The Sebastopol location will be 5 years old in July, while the Guerneville store has been in continuous business for 20 years. We definitely want to find someone who wants to preserve that history.

Mark and I have proven that you can have a solid business built around used books. We would not have been able to expand to a second location otherwise. Both locations have a strong record of earnings and an intensely loyal following. For us it's now a matter of finding the right individual(s) to whom we can pass the torch. This is why we're sharing this information with our online followers. We thought we'd see if anyone who shops and/or follows the stores would be interested in purchasing them. Ideally, we'd like to sell Mockingbird Books to someone who loves the stores as much as we do.

We have begun the process of formally listing Mockingbird Books for sale. We do so happy in the knowledge we've built something of value. Our new goal is to find someone who will carry on the mission of providing quality used books to the Sebastopol & Guerneville communities.

Thanks again for your passionate, continued support. We deeply appreciate it.

Mark & Geronimo

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