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A Solar Return

1 year ago today, Mark and I reopened our second location under its new name, Mockingbird Books, Guerneville. I say reopened because we closed the store for a week to list books into our inventory system and to change the way the store was organized. We consider today the official anniversary.

Our Guerneville store has been around for about 20 years as Twice Told Books. It wasn’t that long ago that “Stumptown” used to support 3 bookstores. But time and technology has taken its toll and we’re all that’s left.

I can’t believe how much the store has changed since I first visited. Back then it was a classic, dimly lit, funky little bookstore with shelves that stretched to the ceiling. It seemed miraculous that so many books could be crammed into such a small space.

The last owner, Shannon undertook a major remodel of the space in 2014. Tearing it down to the walls, she opened up the space and made it the warm inviting space it is today. We’ve made some cosmetic changes like pulling down the film on the windows, replacing it with shades and upgrading the lighting.

A lot has happened in the year we’ve owned the store. We’ve stepped away from sidelines like toys and gift items to focus on what we know best, books. With such a small space how we curate the selection of books available is much more evident. The décor for the store echoes Sebastopol, but is still unique. We’re even selling new books!

We often hear from locals who have been in Guerneville for a long time how nice it is that there’s still a bookstore in town. We’ve been welcomed with open arms by those who remember when this little store opened two decades ago. It has been wonderful to hear all the stories of the stores’ past. Mark and I hope that we can add a few lines of our own to the storied history of this sweet, special little store.

Happy Birthday Mockingbird Books, Guerneville, we’re lucky to be your caretakers!

Geronimo & Mark

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