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Yet another post that isn’t about books and more about the store.

As we approach the zenith of the year, it’s been an eventful 6 month period for our two little stores. We’ve noticed that summer has arrived on the River, weather be damned. There’s been a definite uptick of non-locals in the Guerneville store and it’s both welcome and exciting.

The same cannot be said of Sebastopol. Mark and I realized that when we bought Brandy out and we stopped buying books, we would see a slide in sales. People don’t like change. We understood this and we’ve been eager to build a different audience blending our long time regulars with new folks.

We’ve taken great pains to improve upon the stock in the Sebastopol store. Scouting for books makes it much easier to curate as you, the owner, are selecting the inventory. When you buy in the store you’re held a bit captive. You have to rely on what others bring you to select your inventory from. It’s more costly and time consuming. It’s why many bookstores have closed or have switched their business model.

June has been an improvement over the previous months. Store traffic seems to be improving, though as we approach our 4th anniversary in July we’ve entered a period of assessment. Our lease is up next May and changes may be needed. How the Sebastopol store performs over the remainder of the year will determine our future plans.

But that decision is far off in the future and summer is a scant 3 days away. I’m looking forward to Mimi’s ice cream, air conditioning and the “ahhs” we hear as folks enter our climate controlled environment. The Sebastopol store turns 4 in July, there’s the sidewalk sale and Mark and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary.

My. Where has the year gone?

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