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A Tale Of Two Stores

It's warm as a write this. Unseasonably so. As I left the Sebastopol store yesterday around 2 in the afternoon, I passed the West America time and temperature tower. I could scarcely believe the reading:

90 degrees.

Now, I've lived in the Bay Area all my life. As most Bay natives know you can count on some pretty basic weather around here. Foggy Junes, hot Septembers, and a few warm days in February that serve as a prelude to Spring. Growing up here, that consistency had always been reassuring.

Sitting here in Guerneville today, glancing out the window and seeing folks in shorts and Hawaiian shirts, leaves me a bit incredulous that we're still in the middle of winter. I have been reassured by my weather apps that rain is in the offing tomorrow and seasonal normalcy will be restored. One can hope.

Don't get me wrong. I like the warmth. There's also the additional benefit of a break in the gloom. I love fall and winter but the long stretch of grey from December to March can be depressing. Yet, 90 degrees and February seems a bit forboding.

Aside from my weather observations, I've noticed a few other things as of late. As I split my time between our stores it's hard not to notice the different flavor each store has. As each month passes, I appreciate them more and more.

Though Mark and I are seldom happy with the status quo, Sebastopol for the most part seems finished. We've worked hard to curate the selection of books we have and it's satisfying to see the depth of stock we have. The space is warm and inviting. It's beginning to feel like we can just let things be.

Guerneville still feels like a work in progress. The stock is improving but we're nowhere near the high bar we've set in Sebastopol. In addition, there's the new book wrinkle we want to add to Guerneville. Though space wise, we've been incredibly lucky that we walked into a finished space. It's been mostly furniture arranging, and aesthetic editing.

It's been fun and there's no denying Guerneville came along at the right time for us. The weather this week gave us a glimpse of what we hope will be a fun, exciting inaugural warm weather season for us. As the rains return tomorrow and winter becomes winter again, thoughts of Spring will linger.

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