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Rainy Days and Sundays

When you own a book store you often have long stretches of quiet time. Both stores have large windows that front a busy street. In these quiet moments, it's easy to focus on what parades past your windows.

Rainy days always provide a surprise. It seems counter intuitive, but I've often noticed that activities that one would associate with better weather have greater than average participation in the rain. This morning has proven the observation accurate.

The Guerneville store is located inside a coffee shop. From my post behind the register I have a full view of the double swinging doors, so I have a great vantage point to see who's coming in for a cup of comfort. This morning we've had a pelaton of bike riders.

It seems odd, but the rain appears to draw them out en masse. Perhaps it's because it's Sunday and the weekend road warriors aren't going to let a little thing like a rainy day stop them. Or perhaps they are tourists and have no choice but to brave the inclement weather before their short time in West County is up.

As a local, I couldn't imagine braving Armstrong Woods Road or Highway 116 in the damp with nothing but a pair of narrow tires and a helmet between me and the cold, wet concrete. Both byways are a caution during the best of weather. In the rain they are an absolute hazzard.

Yet there they are. In their lycra and speed helmets. A steady spray of spent clouds flying out in an arc behind their rear tires, splashing the rear guard with a slurry of mud and stone. The cyclists race onward, carried along by a mixture of dedication and huberis to some unknown destination that waits for them at the end of their rainy Sunday ride.

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