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So we've hemmed and hawed since we opened the store in 2012 with regards to creating a website. So here, after much procastinating, is our attempt at carving out a place on this here interwebs thingy. Please pardon our discomfiture as some of us who shall remain nameless are less at home with the digital and more in tune with the analog.

Which might explain why we own a couple of used bookstores. :-)

So here we are. It's 2016. We're three months into the "Guerneville Experiment". Or as Mark likes to say, "gambling with our futures". Though from this perch (c'mon you knew there would be a bird reference at some point,) I think we're doing pretty well.

The expansion has been stressful, challenging and in some instances sad and painful. Having built Sebastopol from the ground up you'd think taking over an established business would prove easier. It has been anything but.

A business with an established following has its own special challenges. It's a constant battle to balance new with known. But through all of it, I can say without a moment's equivocation it's been fun.

As we try to make use of this new tool you'll hear many voices besides mine here. We plan to open up the blog posting to staff and some key supporters of our enterprise. You'll hear various viewpoints on the store, our stock, particular books and the world of literature in general.

As always Mark and I are incredibly grateful for all the support from our family, friends and the communities where our stores are located. Not a day goes by without someone uttering something so warm and wonderful about the stores that it leaves us in awe. Owning these shops has been a blessing, in no small part because of all of you.

Thank you for that. It means a lot. Truly.


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